eXtreme Feedback Device helps to keep your software project on track by telling everybody in your project room if your project's builds are failing. XFD is a Build Radiator for Continuous Integration servers, like Hudson, CruiseControl or TeamCity.

How do I use it? Load the URL 'http://xfd.build-doctor.com' in a modern browser (we like Google Chrome), on a computer display where people can see it. We suggest that you put it near the water or coffee points in your office so people can notice when walk past it. By default this service connects to our 'mock' Hudson service to show you what it does. To change these settings, click on the "Config" button, and tell us about your Continuous Integration server. Click the 'Update' button, and you should see your CI results on the big screen.

You can also bookmark a URL that has the configuration embedded in it.

Example: http://xfd.build-doctor.com?port=80&host=hudson

Support: Tweet me or Email me

Why does this help? You probably shouldn't deploy your code to production and attempt to make money with it if you have a broken build. Everyone on your project team should know if you're ready to hit the launch button or not. It's their right as a team member, and it's critical information. Nobody expects the build to be green all the time. It should be green most of the time. If it's not, that could be a symptom of other issues.

What makes XFD different? It runs entirely inside a browser (we suggest Firefox or Chrome). Why?g Because we beleive that doing the right thing should be easy, and you shouldn't have to mess around with your Continuous Integration server to get this information.

What Continuous Integration servers does XFD support? Out of the box, we support:

With a plugin, we support Team City. When installing the tcjson plugin, remember to enable guest access.

With our easy-to-install CCTray Proxy, we support:

What else does it do? We're working on a whole host of features to help you better visualise information about your projects. We think that the needs of software teams aren't being met, and we are working on ways to help improve decision-making so you don't have to.

How will you protect my information? XFD runs on your browser and connects to your Continuous Integration server directly. We don't store any project information on our systems.